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    Default 12v 24v 48v

    I'm just getting into solar, got a couple folding portable panels for recharging phones, tablets, flashlights, etc. And I'm thinking about a solar system for the house. Starting off small, as a backup and for experimenting, but I foresee eventually getting enough to be able to at least power some of the house should the power go out.

    I'm wondering what (if any) advantage there might be going with 24v or even a 48v system over 12v. It seems to me that it might be more efficient, especially for eventually powering an inverter and running larger appliances.

    I'm a total newb, and although I'm not completely ignorant of electrical workings, I'm not an expert. So keep it reasonably simple!

    Thanks for any thoughts, ideas, warnings, or links to more info!


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    For small ( less than 1,000 watt inverter or load) systems, 12v is ok, but larger systems 24 or 48V is a better way, less wire losses, more operating range [ 12v-11v, 25v-23v, 52-48v ], and less need to parallel batteries.
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