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Thread: Wiring interconnect goodies & volt drop loss calculator

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    Default Wiring interconnect goodies & volt drop loss calculator

    first - an on-line voltage drop calc for AC runs: (3% loss)

    Dc or AC
    Voltage Drop Calculator :

    spreadsheet based voltage drop calculator:

    and i found some really nifty terminals / terminal blocks for splices and taps for my AC wiring. I had to run about 900' of #6 aluminum wire, and these were some of the few things that are rated for al wire, and easier to use than the Al/Cu split bolts, if you have the right size wrenches.

    And for your batteries, the terminal mount fuse blocks by Blue Sea are hard to beat.

    MRBF terminal fuse by blue sea (MRBF - Marine Rated Battery Fuse)

    Get the fuse & holder.
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    spreadsheet based voltage drop calculator:

    gen: ,
    battery lugs
    Setting up batteries

    gear :
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