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Thread: My Lights are not on

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    Default My Lights are not on


    4 * 55watt kyocera solar panels
    3 * 36W magnaray lights
    1kva Magnum inverter
    2 * 100AH AGM batteries
    20amps morning star charge controller

    I connected the panels in parallel. Since the sun harvest has been so low, I connected the battery to charge through the inverter also to make up for the normal charging of the battery from the solar panels.

    The lights, panels and battery are connected at their rightful position as show on the controller. The light is supposes to be on from dusk to dawn. It came up the first week but after that, it started having challenges. The lights will come up for 5mins and go off for 5mins and come up again. What could be responsible?
    2. Sometimes night will come and the lights are not on automatically as it's supposed to be.
    3. If I press the test the light will come on. But will refuse to come by night.
    4. If I connect the lights straight to the batteries the light will come on.
    5. I checked to confirm the battery is fully charged, the voltage is 13.8V.
    Please, has anyone experienced this? I need you help guys! Thanks

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    Which morningstar controller do your have?

    The inverter/charger should connect directly to the battery, with a fuse, not to the load terminals of the controller.
    If you have AC power to charge with, why are you needing to use solar ?

    What is the test button attached to?

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