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Selling panels: sales commission

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  • Selling panels: sales commission

    I want to get involved selling solar panel projects.

    What would be some range of standard commission or payments for selling or prospecting for commercial solar accounts?

    Thanks, in advance

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    You don't just sell panels alone, they need to be installed and connected to be useful. Maybe learning about an entire installed package, and then working with a couple of local contractors (roof & electric) to sell turnkey installs would work.
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      yes, that is what I am doing

      Mike, thanks for your reply. I am doing what you suggest.

      I have an installer/seller that is willing to take me under their wing - starting out prospecting and then quickly going to turn-key sales.

      So, I am seeking info to base my negotiations on.

      Specifically: compensation for "appointment setting/prospecting" and also sales commission for complete sales with a signature.

      Any ideas about that?


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        Hi Steve, Welcome to Solar Panel Talk.

        I don't know too much on this subject, but here's what I think:

        I would arrange a flat payment per quality "lead." Maybe $10, $20 per lead? It would depend on the area your in. Is solar installation popular in your area?

        As for complete solar installation, I would think 5-10% of the sale is fair. I'd definitely shoot for the high number during the first negotiation. Guessing an average installation is around $20k (after rebates), that would be $1000-2000 per sale.

        I'm not getting these numbers from any particular place...just think it seems reasonable.

        Good luck.


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          I was involved with a business which was doing what it is you are talking about/ and or interested in doing. With these projects, the sales person who initiated the sale received 6.5% of the margin on the sale. That meant that the total sale price to the customer minus the cost of the hardware and then multiplied by 6.5%.

          Since the hardware was about 60-70% of the typical costs, on a $100,000 project, it could mean about $2000 in commission.
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