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SolarPanelTalk September 2019 Security Incident

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  • SolarPanelTalk September 2019 Security Incident

    SolarPanelTalk September 2019 Security Incident Aftermath

    Regular visitors will have noticed that SolarPanelTalk was offline between 24th September 7:00pm and 26th September 1:00am (CST). This was due to the vBulletin forum software being attacked using a "High Severity Vulnerability" - you may have seen news articles in the IT press about the incident that has affected many thousands of sites.

    Our System Administration team noticed the problem about two hours after it began, and to ensure the possible damages were limited we immediately took the server offline. Since then we have completely rebuilt a new server with the latest and greatest versions of operating system, webserver and of course vBulletin forum software.

    We are sorry to say that because we were not be certain the database was undamaged by the attackers, we have decided restored a backup that was made earlier on the 23th September. This backup will of course not include any forum posts made, or new members joining, after that point.

    As far as security concerns go, we are continuing to investigate if there was any breach of data. With an excess of caution we recommend that you should consider changing your passwords, especially if you have re-used the same password on this forum in other places (which is a bad idea!).

    We apologize for inconveniencing any members who were itching to post during the outage, and vow to remain on top of issues like this in the future.

    Best Regards,
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    Hi All,

    Just wanted to say thanks to Brendan and Gregory for getting SPT re built and up and running again, not a lot of sleep for those guys over the last couple of days, well done and thanks gentleman, cheers